Do you work in a utility supply business or do you work in a foundation construction business? If so, we are inviting you to attend one of our forthcoming KETTLER Innovation Conferences.

We shall be presenting new developments and products from KETTLER to a circle of technicians, innovators, users and interested persons. In addition to interesting product information and practical use, we shall be offering you the opportunity to exchange ideas with others in the trade.

The forthcoming KETTLER Innovation Conferences:

Issue: Vario-Carbon handling key

The use of carbonfibre reinforced plastic (CFK) [Carbon] for the handling key C in accordance with DIN 3223. In a specialist lecture we shall be reporting on the status quo in valve operation. We shall be explaining the material characteristics and empirical knowledge as well as the ergonomic benefits of the Vario-Carbon handling key. On a test stand we shall then be conducting the practical applications of different working methods. In a closing discussion round you will have an opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge with the other visitors.


  • Appointment after agreement

10:00am - 02:00pm

For space reasons, participation is only possible by prior arrangement!