The use of carbonfibre reinforced plastic [CFK] gives rise to outstanding features.

Carbon is the innovative material to use for products having the highest quality and performance specifications. Advantage has been taken of this benefit for the Vario handling key.

Consequently the new Vario Carbon handling key has plenty of reserves to be able to withstand torque loads of up to 400 Nm in spite of weighing just 1700 g.

Carbonfibre reinforced plastic

Carbon (carbonfibre reinforced plastic) is distinguished by its extreme rigidity and strength. At the same time the material has the benefit of being very lightweight. The manufacture of pipes having a square cross-section has produced a tool for use in conjunction with pipeline networks which not only has excellent physical properties, but also has great ergonomic benefits for operators.

Torque 400 Nm

In addition to its low weight, Vario Carbon is able to withstand extreme loads as a result of its special manufacturing method. As a result of the special composition of the carbon fibres, the Vario Carbon handling key will withstand torque of up to 400 Nm. Due to its creep behaviour in bending the key will adapt when being turned by the operator so that it adapts to his course of movement, thus making it easier to operate valves more smoothly.

Weight 1700 g

As a result of using carbon, the Vario Carbon handling key weighs just 1,700 grammes. Due to its low weight the key is extremely easy to manage and use. The user notices how light it is, in particular, when he uses it often. Due to the rigidity of the material the Vario Carbon handling key can be used like a traditional standard key. It will still work properly even if it receives a slight knock or falls over or falls onto its end.


Low weight 1700g

Torque 400 Nm

Tested for Safety